National Cadet Corp (NCC)


Government of India initiated and established the National Cadet Corp (NCC) in the form of paramilitary forces with following objectives:

v   To develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventureship and the ideas of selfless service amongst youth of the country.

v   To create a human resources of organised, trained and motivated youth to provide leadership in all walks of life and always available for the service of the nation.

v   To provide a suitable environment to motivate youth for taking up a career in the Armed forces.

Admission Process in N.C.C  

Regular students of first year can take admission in N.C.C. Selection of these students is done on the basis of mental & physical fitness by a high level committee of NCC officers.

N.C.C   Units : In our college following units are working –

(1) 6 Rajasthan (1) Coy N.C.C. Bharatpur


[a] Commanding Officer     – 01

[b] J.C.O.                               – 02

[c] Havaldar                          – 05

[d] Civil Clerk                      – 03

[e] Accountant                      – 01

[f] IVth – Class                      – 08

(2) 3-Rajasthan Artillery Bat N.C.C. Bharatpur


[a] Commanding Officer     – 01

[b] J.C.O.                               – 01

[c] Havaldar                          – 07

[d] Clerk                                – 07

[e] Accountant                      – 01

[f] IVth – Class                      – 04


Certificate ‘B’ and ‘C’

‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate are awarded to the cadets on successful completion of training, these certificate (B & C) are given wightage in admission process of college & Universities. B & C certificate holder cadets are preferred in the recruitment of police & armed forces and they are also exempted from written examination test conducted for the recruitment of police & armed forced. 

Achievement of the NCC [Session 2015-2016]

·        6-Raj India Coy NCC Bharatpur organized one N.J.C. camp and CATC Camp One cadet participated in Republic Day parade.

·        3 Raj Arty Batry N.C.C. Bharatpur organized one shooting camp and cadets participated in Republic Day Parade.

NCC Officers Committee